Attend the Chase Cashflow360SM Webinar Series

Join us to learn how Cashflow360 can help you connect digitally with suppliers and clients to electronify the entire invoicing, payment, approval and reconciliation process.

During these webinars, Cashflow360 specialists will give a live demo of the solution’s capabilities, offer tips on enhancing your user experience and answer your questions.

Throughout the year, we’ll host webinars twice a month, on Thursdays from 2 – 3 p.m. ET. See below for the upcoming schedule.

To access each webinar, use password: Cashflow360

September 24
Automate your reconciliation

Learn the benefits of syncing Cashflow360 with your accounting software to get rid of manual processes.

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Meeting ID: 738 430 997

October 8

Boost your payment capabilities with virtual cards

Learn the benefits of paying vendors with one-time card numbers you control and earn cash back for your business.

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Meeting ID: 160 148 9962

October 22

Simplify your banking

Discover how Cashflow360 can help you digitize and streamline your invoices, bills and payments.

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Meeting ID: 160 165 7949

November 5
Automate your reconciliation

Say goodbye to manual and paper processes by syncing Cashflow360 with your existing accounting software.

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Meeting ID: 160 608 8702

November 19
Streamline your vendor payments—and your office

Learn the ins and outs of managing incoming bills and approval workflows through your customized email box.

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Meeting ID: 160 221 7874

December 3
Save time and get paid faster

Learn how Cashflow360 can help you receive payments faster and spend less time on accounts payable, so you can focus on your business.

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Meeting ID: 160 785 4798

December 17
Send safe, secure digital payments from anywhere

Learn how automated approval workflows and online document storage can help you manage your bills no matter your location.

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Meeting ID: 160 582 6674

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