T3: Treasury & Technology Trends Webinar Series

Our T3: Treasury & Technology Trends virtual events will educate and allow you to experience some of the latest advancements in scalable, treasury innovation for your business. The T3 webinar series is an extension of the treasury innovation showcased during our recent Payments Innovation Summit (password: payments2021).

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The ‘live’ webinars are approved for up to 1.2 CTP/CCM continuing education credits from the Association for Financial Professionals.

April 28, 2021 – Transforming Treasury Automation Through API Ecosystems

The potential for APIs to automate treasury tasks is substantial and on the rise. Automation and digital transformation are more necessary than ever as corporates strive for real-time monitoring of cash flows, optimization of working capital and the flexibility to respond to rapid changes in the macro landscape. And the cost of these rewards is the investment in tech integration. For many treasurers, this has been a perennial challenge, particularly when working through legacy systems. One potential solution is to think of technology and treasury as one ecosystem. This event explores some of the pillars behind this digital transformation strategy: automated treasury operations, real-time visibility, real-time payments and multi-bank data.

Presented by:

  • Jenny Mustazza, Executive Director | Open Banking & APIs, J.P. Morgan
  • Ray Nazloomian, Executive Director | Wholesale Payments Innovation, J.P. Morgan


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